Notes to answer your questions

How will you figure out the design and message for my card?

During an initial call, we will ask you a series of questions to identify your needs and the sentiment you would like to communicate. We want you to feel comfortable during this call. Have any images in mind? Have any messages in mind? We’re all ears! Count on us to have lots of ideas.

How long will it take to complete my order?

All cards (and card gifts) are made to order. Depending upon the complexity of the card/gift, the order size and supplies needed, the timing varies. We will have this discussion early in the process. Most small orders (less than five cards) require at least two weeks.

Do you have a process where I can approve the design before full execution?

Yes. We want you to be satisfied with the design (as well as the card recipient). We will send you a picture of the design for your approval.

What sizes of cards do you offer?

We can make cards ranging in size from 3 inches to 3 feet. Our most popular sizes are 6” x 9” and 5” by 7.”

What materials can I choose from, for a Card with Gift Pairing?

The sky is the limit! We are interested in turning your idea into something meaningful or fun. (Please note that our gifts are custom-made designed to extend the impact of a card.) Every-Moment Notes listens to your objectives, creates themes and turns them into gifts. We use a variety of materials including paper, fabric, wood, pots, boxes, baskets, unusual sculpture, etc. We shop new and old stores, looking for interesting objects we can transform into gifts. Please allow extra time for cards with gift pairings.

Do you make single cards only or will you take an order for multiple cards?

Because we specialize in custom cards, we prefer to do one-of-a-kind cards, with no more than a ten-run project. We will entertain additional requests with enough notice.