Pam’s Story

Every-Moment Notes…
Re-imagine greeting cards

For individuals, employers, customers, hospitals, nursing homes

Several years ago my father became ill with partial paralysis and was placed in a nursing home. I went shopping for get well cards, but quickly learned the message “get well soon,” and the image of a “big smiling sun” were not appropriate for someone who would never leave a nursing home. I began making cards and gifts to brighten my father’s day and stimulate his senses. I made cards, critters and collages he could touch, explore and laugh about. Nursing home employees said they loved opening the gifts for him. I learned there is power in a custom card, in words and colors to connect with someone. Now I use the same philosophy to craft cards and gifts for others. I want to create the best card: for someone who just got her first shelter dog, for a friend who just completed a marathon, for the couple who found each other against all odds and for employees who do extraordinary work.

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